It’s great to be back podcasting, and what a great venue to start with the login lounge in Camberley.

We had amazing guests today and recorded some new bits for a new show coming up called Community Life Podcast.

We have been working with a new presenter today called Tammy and this was her first time podcasting today and did very well.

Tammy will be podcasting and creating videos with us for the seeable future so watch out for more podcasts from Tammy and videos coming very soon.

All our podcasting sessions will be recorded on video for YouTube and an audio version, which will go out to smart speakers and people who like to listen to podcasts on their mobile devices.

Neil talking to Gavin from Oyster Fish & Chips

We are looking at new locations so we could be podcasting near you, very soon.

So if you want to be on a podcast and have a talk with Tammy or Neal then why not book on our website