We are creating something very new to help promote our businesses, when you re-visit a client you already made a video for, how do you continue to make a better video?

You need to think our side of the box and be creative to make each video different from the last, this week we are doing just that for Oysters Fish and Chips in Camberley.

We don’t see many media companies taking creative control of their work, they always have clients changing the goal but not allowing them to be fully creative and trust them to make something new.

In all the videos we make we have complete creative control over all from start to finish, our clients completely trust us to create something new and different from the last video.

We have shot a video which includes some fun facts about Oysters using our 2 presenters as actors today, coming up with a small fun video base around 2 members of Staff showing us a fun shift at Oysters.

Here is a small teaser video showing some clips from the video we shot today, we will release the video in 2 week time.