For the past few weeks, we have been busy organising media coverage for the Music in the Park event in Farnborough.

Our team is collaborating with Music in the Park and Farnborough Rotary to raise funds for Phillips Tuckwell Hospice. This local charity provides palliative care to people with life-limiting conditions. We aimed to interview the public and sponsors to raise awareness of the charity and its work.

Music in The Park

Unfortunately, the MC scheduled to host the Music in the Park event couldn’t make it, and we were asked to have one of our presenters step in for the weekend. Despite this setback, we were well-prepared with a plan for the day to capture amazing interviews with the public and backstage with the bands.

We had a great time talking to the public, and on the last day, we decided to interview people while they waited outside the gates. We captured some fantastic footage and valuable insights from people who had attended the event.

Music in The Park

Our interviews with the public and sponsors will be shared on our social media and YouTube channel to help promote the charity and the event. By sharing these interviews, we hope to raise awareness and encourage more people to donate to this worthy cause.

If you’re hosting an event and want to leverage our expertise in conducting interviews and creating engaging content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re always happy to help out and support good causes.