It’s just what you’ve been waiting for… and MORE!’ 

The best things come to those who wait! Well wait no more, because Starburst Theatre have brought their A game to The Harlington, Fleet, with their Christmas panto-tastic performance of, The Sleeping Beauty! Even whilst we sat waiting for the curtain to rise, we were mesmerised by the high-quality title graphics; beautiful!   

We knew we were going to be blessed with an amazing show. Right from the outset, their stall was set, as the actors burst onto the boards with their high energy, enthusiasm, and authentic panto characters, who made for hilarious moments and jokes that were enjoyed by all! We were all especially treated by the comedic wit of Nursey – the pantomime dame – who kept the narrative on track and effortlessly engaged with the audience and also preyed on her various victims!  

Every character and ensemble cast member all showed up with 100% commitment (even the youngest who shone bright from start to finish) all brought the magic which had extra sprinkles from the 3 fairies, who were little firecrackers! Caraboose stood her ground and kept her crown as the ‘evil queen’ and the audience couldn’t help but boo and hiss at her presence! The whole performance was sprinkled with magical moments throughout, that made everyone’s hearts go ‘oooooohh’ and ‘arrrhhhhh’. Plus, a musical score that had us all toe tapping and clapping, accompanied by awesome choreography too.  

All in all, the script, the actors, the musicians, the costumes, the set designers, the technical crew, directors, and Harlington staff, all played their parts in making this production the success that it was!  

Extra kudos to the actors, as they effortlessly took it off the page and lit up the stage with their own ‘je nais sa quoi’ Starburst Theatre style.  

The whole experience was a sheer delight and credit to both: The Starburst Theatre and The Harlington. Top class customer service and hospitality that seamlessly wrapped around the main event, was also extended to every adult and child, because tonight everyone was treated to the VIP experience, everyone experienced a little piece of something very special. And finally in the words of DK; “It was epic!”  

An absolute see! Book your tickets ASAP!  

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