The team that brings you many of the Facebook pages you’re familiar with ‘Camberley , Farnborough, Basingstoke, & Fleet Community Life’ have been on the lookout for you to talk to, with ‘Real Stories, Real People & Real Life’ 

BuzzPodCast Studio

The equipment they use is totally portable, so instead of spending the Spring/Summer huddled up in a small studio, why not get out and about and bring the Weekly Experience podcast record to your neighborhood, town, or café, shop etc, so they would like to hear from you, if you have some space and foot fall of trade, coming in and out, why not get in touch.  

Watchetts Recreation Ground, Park Road, Camberley

Roger Noble – Producer of the Weekly Experience says ‘We’ve all been locked up for months, and need the fresh air now, and businesses need our help more than ever to promote, and we are the people to help, so get in touch’’  

The team recently recorded the podcast, with a small mixing desk, and set of four mics and headphones in Watchetts Recreation Ground, Camberley – Home of Camberley Rugby Club, and spoke to Kim Johnson regarding the ladies’ teams there and Sophie Hollis from Inspire Girls Football, who both had great stories to tell us on the community podcast.  

Sophie Hollis – Inspire Girls Football

Jack Hodgins Founder of says – ‘’Why stay in, when we can meet you, and we are always looking at places to record the podcast and video at the same time, and it’s a perfect way of promoting you’’ 

The podcasts are free for anyone to listen to, at and a great source of local information and a lot of fun, and entertaining from our Buzztalk – Business & Entertainment & Healthy Life, if you fancy recording a podcast with the team with over 40 years of broadcasting experience, then get in touch, and let’s get talking.  

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