We have new podcasting dates in March now on our website, It’s been an incredible month so far and our last podcasting day in February was amazing.

We’re getting fantastic guests to come and chat with us, talking all topics of conversation covering a lot more healthy life things like diabetes, mental health menopause, and the list goes on.

Here are some of the pictures of our set-up that keep changing around every week, One week we be on the tall chairs and tables and another week will be on the sofas.

Login Lounge on Park Street Camberley

Now thinking of changing it, What else can we do with our setup you have to wait for next week to find out?

On a Community Life podcast show, we talk all about a family that loves running and what a fun couple it’s their 3rd anniversary and they spent it with us podcasting.

Tammy talking pole fitness which has been moved into a new location in Camberley and she’s joined in Mind Body and pole classes.

We have a video coming out soon with Tammy on the pole. Oh, that must be worth buying a coffee to see.

Like to thank everybody, who supports us on buy me a coffee every penny is helping us to keep creating fun videos and helping local businesses.